Care Instructions

Care instructions   Most bags are made of leather stock …

Care instructions


Most bags are made of leather stock lots. As a result, there may be small differences in the colors of the leather.

Leather bags are are sensitive to the elements. Avoid exposing your bag to extreme light, heat, or humidity. You can treat the leather with a water-repellant spray to prevent staining. Always test a care product first in a discreet area like the interior or the bottom of the bag. In case of contact with liquids, dry the leather immediately with a clean, soft cloth.



Nubuck and suede

Nubuck and suede can also be treated with a spray to prevent staining, but only use products designed for nubuck or suede care specifically.

To get rid of stains use a nubuck and suede cleaning block.



Vegetable tanned leather

We recommend applying a little leather balm to the leather every few months to nourish the leather and keep it flexible.

When exposed to sunlight vegetable tanned leather will turn darker over time and change it’s look. This is a natural process and adds to the unique character of the bag.